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The Grosse Pointe Youth Nautical Education Foundation (GPYNEF) has a clear mission: to promote national and international amateur sailing, maritime arts, education, water safety and community improvements. The Foundation has been working for several years with the Challenge the Wind organization located out of Kean’s Harbor and is dedicated to teaching inner city kids how to sail. GPYNEF has contributed both funding and boats over the past two of years.

In 2017 GPYNEF donated four (4) Optimist Dinghy’s to the Challenge the Wind program enabling them to extend their program to a younger group of kids. Along with this donation, four GPYC sailors volunteered to spend a day with the “Challenge the Wind” to teach their instructors how to rig and sail the Optimist Dinghy’s. The GPYC junior sailors who volunteered were Emma Turner, Dominic DuLac, Ellie Groustra and Henry Gonzalez. The CTW team was most grateful for the time spent by our sailors.

“Challenge the Wind, which was founded about 8 years ago, was able to double their program this year 2018,” says Past Commodore James Morrow. “GPYNEF has been working closely with Challenge the Wind for about five years.”

In 2018 GPYNEF donated docks to Challenge the wind.