GPYNEF Scholarship

Instructions and Application

The GPYNEF currently has five (5) Perpetual Scholarships supported by endowments that make it possible to award an annual scholarship (indexed for inflation) basically forever, presented  in the donor’s name. The cost of a Perpetual Scholarship is $45,000. Annual Scholarships
are supported by donors at $1,600 per scholarship.

1. Donors are invited to the Brunch each year for the

presentation of the scholarships and to meet the recipients.  Scholarships are presented in the Name
of the Donor, example: “Commodore John and
Marlene Boll Scholarship”

2. A recognition plaque is displayed in the GPYC Lobby

and a brick and plaque at the Sailor’s Recognition Area.

3. 100% of the purchase of the naming right to a scholarship

is tax favorable and deductable.

Questions should be directed to Jim Morrow, GPYNEF President, (313) 510-4058


NOTE: Scholarship Applications deadline is April 2, 2017

The GPYNEF will be awarding up to ten (10) $1,500 college scholarships to young sailors in the community and the Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association. These scholarships have been created to encourage young men and women to actively participate in sailing activities throughout their high school and college years.

High school seniors and college/university students attending college/university classes in the 2016/17 academic year are eligible to apply.

The assessment process will use three criteria found on the Scholarship Application Form;
1.) Two original essays (topics provided),

2.) Applicant’s resume of sailing experience and

3.) Documentation of academic accomplishment (transcripts inc., GPA’s and/or

ACT/SAT scores).


Current Perpetual College Scholarship Donors:

2012 Commodore James and Patricia Anderson

2012 Commodore John and Marlene Boll

2013  Manuel J. and Nora Moroun

2014 TransAxle/Commodore James and Sandra Morrow

2014 Benno Steinborn

2015 W. W. Williams Company

2016 Edwin and Felicia Shaw

2016 Tymon C. and Sheri Totte


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